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'No more space for homeless families' reveals TD


Tommy Broughan, Independent deputy for Dublin North-West. Photo: Tom Burke

Tommy Broughan, Independent deputy for Dublin North-West. Photo: Tom Burke

Tommy Broughan, Independent deputy for Dublin North-West. Photo: Tom Burke

The emergency accommodation provided for homeless families by Dublin City Council has run out, according to Independent TD Tommy Broughan.

"Hotel and guest house accommodation was never an ideal solution for use as emergency accommodation and now it has run out," the Dublin TD said.

"With tourist events such as the rugby match next weekend and St Patrick's celebrations coming up, hotels, B&Bs and guest houses want and need their rooms to rent out to paying customers," he said.

City and county councils have been placing families in emergency accommodation as an alternative while awaiting suitable housing, he said.

"If you present as homeless to Parkgate Street with your children, there is nowhere for you to go," Mr Broughan said.

He said that he contacted the council after a constituent informed him that she was turned away from the placement unit with her young daughter yesterday, after being told that they had no places for them to stay.

"When I spoke to Dublin City Council (DCC), they have informed me that all 271 extra individual beds were booked up last night, that 40 families presented as homeless in the past ten days and that they have no more emergency accommodation left for families," he said.

The Dublin Region Homeless Executive (DRHE) said that assessment and placement services are working to "absolute capacity" to ensure that families who are presenting in a daily emergency situation and in imminent need can be accommodated.


"While the four local authorities cannot guarantee placement into accommodation on the day that a family presents, but do everything possible to ensure that a family are not in a position where they are sleeping rough," a spokesperson for the DRHE said.

"There have not been any confirmed families sleeping rough on the street in contact with DCC Central Placement service," the spokesperson said.

The information that 40 families presented over the last ten days could not be confirmed - the last available verified figures were for the third week of January, when 359 families with dependent children were in emergency accommodation, according to DRHE figures.

Figures fluctuate on a daily basis depending on the level of presentations to the placement services in the local authorities.