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'No list of corrupt gardai' in gang raid

GARDAI have ruled out reports that a list of allegedly corrupt officers was found during a search of a house in Dublin.

The reports surfaced after officers carried out an extensive search of a suspected criminal's home in west Dublin last month.

The search was instigated after a gangland gun attack occurred in the city centre and involved officers raiding the property after obtaining a search warrant.

The property belonged to an underworld figure who was linked to a notorious city gang boss, who has been nicknamed The Don.


It was one of a number of properties raided by detectives in the operation.

Of the two other houses hit in the raids, one is owned by The Don himself.

It was reported that a handwritten list, containing the names of officers and cash amounts paid to them, was found in the search of the house.

However, it now appears that the reports were erroneous.

Gardai have flatly denied that any such document was discovered in the search. "There were reports that such a list existed, these have later emerged to be false," a source said. "The document that was reported to have the names of gardai and amounts didn't exist."

Meanwhile, the extensive garda investigation into The Don's organisation continues.

The man's gang are targets of north city detectives, along with the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation and the Criminal Assets Bureau.

The Don emerged as a major gang boss in the wake of the 2006 murder of drug dealer Marlo Hyland. He consolidated Hyland's gang in the wake of the murder and the criminal outfit he built is now believed to be behind a dozen murders, all linked to disputes over drug dealing in the city.

In the process, the outfit has reportedly taken over control of the drugs supply to large swathes of the Dublin's northside and its members are greatly feared among criminals in the capital.

The Don is not a suspect for carrying out any of the killings, and the murders are believed to have been committed by junior gang members.