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No jail for role in mugging

a woman who lured a drunk to the dark part of a street where her accomplices attacked and robbed him has been spared jail.

Deborah Lee (38) coaxed the victim onto the back street in Dublin city centre and two men then grabbed him in a choke hold and held a syringe to his neck.

Lee ,of Balbutcher Lane, Ballymun, Dublin, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to robbing Mark O'Brien at Great Strand Street, Dublin, on June 9.

Judge James O'Donoghue imposed a sentence of six months and deemed that it was already served as Lee went into custody for this offence last year.

Lee had no convictions at the time of the robbery.

Auschwitz to educate visitors

The Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Museum has launched online lessons to prepare would-be visitors to the memorial site, many of whom today know almost nothing about World War II or Nazism.

The site of the former death camp has seen the number of visitors rise, reaching a record 1.5 million last year. But at the same time museum officials said visitors increasingly know less and less about the war.

Mars project 'not about cash'

The founder of a controversial project which plans to raise nearly £4bn to set up a human colony on Mars has denied that candidates donating the most cash have the best chance of being chosen for the one-way trip.

Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp said he wants to find the "best of the best" for the Mars One mission which plans to set up a permanent human settlement on the Red Planet by 2024.

Five Britons have been shortlisted for the project.

Noel Gallagher slags off Farage

Rock legend Noel Gallagher has claimed that Nigel Farage does not look mentally capable enough to run a corner shop and predicted that Boris Johnson will be the next UK prime minister.

The former Oasis man also dismissed David Cameron and Ed Miliband as "bozos" and "career politicians" who "don't stand for anything".