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No jail for man with drug bags Ex-PM Czechs out of election Boeing orders moved forward €750 fine for 'stupid' fraud

A DUBLIN MAN attempting to turn his life around has been given a three-year suspended sentence and 240 hours of community service after being caught with two bags of heroin and a 'tick list' of names.

Noel Cahill (36) of Wellview Avenue, Ladyswell, Mulhuddart, pleaded guilty to possession of the drugs for sale or supply on December 23, 2008.

Judge Desmond Hogan also directed that Cahill undergo a drug treatment programme. Defence counsel Paul Carroll had asked the court to give Cahill a chance as he is attempting to turn his life around.

Ex-PM Czechs out of election

Former Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek said he will not lead his conservative Civic Democratic Party in the Czech Republic's general elections in May.

Mr Topolanek's announcement could damage his party's chances in the ballot, though the party's committee had urged him to resign following remarks he made about Jewish and gay people during an interview with a gay magazine.

His deputy Petr Necas will lead the party into the ballot, expected to be won by the leftist Social Democrats.

Boeing orders moved forward

LAN Airlines is moving up the delivery of its Boeing 787 by three years, which is good news for both the airline and the airplane maker.

LAN is Chile's largest airline. Most of its deliveries were set to begin in 2014. But it said that it will now take 10 787-8 aircraft during the first half of next year. It also has orders to buy 16 and lease six more.

€750 fine for 'stupid' fraud

A MAN who tried to exchange a fake Northern Ireland driving licence for an Irish licence has been ordered to pay a €750 fine.

Christopher McDonagh (53), of Nutgrove Crescent, Rathfarnham, pleaded guilty to possession of a false licence.

Judge Katherine Delahunt called it "a complete act of stupidity". She said if it were not for health issues suffered by McDonagh it may have been a case suitable for a community service order, rather than the €750 fine.