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No jail for intent to use hoover as weapon

A DUBLIN man caught carrying a vacuum cleaner attachment as a weapon was on his way to "settle a score" with his sister's partner who he alleged had assaulted him.

Ciaran Dunne (23) was caught walking down the street with the metal part and immediately admitted his intentions to gardai.

Judge Catherine Murphy gave him a three-month suspended sentence and said the reason she was not jailing him was because of his admissions.

Dunne, of Millbrook Avenue, Artane pleaded guilty to possession of a weapon at Tonlegee Road, Coolock on April 6, 2009.

A garda witness told the court he stopped the defendant walking down the road at 2.20am. When asked where he was going, he said it was "to settle a score with his sister's partner".


The court heard the accused had developed a problem with alcohol and pills in 2009.

He decided to leave Dublin and spent time in Cavan and Westmeath where he took a business studies course. He had successfully weaned himself off drugs, he was now back living in the family home.

He also pleaded guilty to two separate shoplifting incidents, one in Penney's on O'Connell Street and another in Dunnes Stores on North Earl Street.

Judge Catherine Murphy said the weapons charge was serious and she was suspending the sentence for a year because of his admission to the garda and guilty plea.