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No invite to Bertie's 60th bash for Celia

BERTIE Ahern has shunned former partner Celia Larkin -- by not inviting her to his 60th birthday bash.

In a radio interview at the weekend, Ms Larkin called on Mr Ahern to "shut up".

The outburst may damage the relationship between the pair, with Mr Ahern now facing the effects of Ms Larkin's appearance on tonight's TV documentary, The Rise and Fall of Fianna Fail.

The party, organised by his daughters, is planned for Croke Park on Friday.

"I wish he'd ever shut up when those headlines came out. He doesn't do himself any favours," Ms Larkin said.

And she attacked Mr Ahern for refusing to take any responsibility for the state of the country.

She stated: "I think that for something as serious as the property crash and the economy ... To say it was everyone else's fault doesn't do himself or anybody any justice."

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