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No happy end for John and Danny

Undoubtedly, the most poignant moments for many of us this week was listening to the accounts of two young Irish men who have had their hearts shattered, and their lives destroyed, by the death of the woman they described as the most beautiful they had ever seen.

The two men -- both talented sportsmen, both now left bereft by a senseless act of violence in another country -- were Danny Furlong, the boyfriend of Nicola Furling, who died in Japan, and John McAreavey, the husband of murdered Michaela.

Danny Furlong, whose 21-year-old girlfriend was found dead in a hotel room in Tokyo in the company of an unnamed 19-year-old musician, said last week: "To me she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen and I was so lucky to be with her ... She was my whole world and it ended."

It was heart-wrenching how closely his words echoed those of John McAreavey at the trial of two men for his wife's murder in Mauritius.

"She was full of life, full of fun, full of happiness. She was the most beautiful person I have seen. I have yet to see anyone prettier than Michaela," he said.

"Everything finished that day, my life, Michaela's life, our dreams destroyed."

Their relationship was the stuff of fairy tales. But tragically there will be no happy endings.

Not for John McAreavey; not for Michaela's family; not for what he described as the children they will never have; not for the accused, and not -- it seems -- for the Mauritian justice system.