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'No gardai' as thugs rampage

THUGS have been taking advantage of the big freeze to terrorise neighbourhoods.

A teenager has told how he and friends are "wrecking" his neighbourhood because there are "no police around".

Calling himself Michael, the youth defended his actions while speaking to presenter Adrian Kennedy on the FM104 Phoneshow, saying it was all a "bit of a laugh".

His comments came after a flood of calls from angry and frightened motorists who had been set upon by youths attacking their cars in the snow.

Michael (17) in Cabra said: "You should see this place, it's on wheels. The lads are wrecking the place. They're burning cars, they're throwing snowballs with rocks in them."

Falls mean it's hectic in A&E

Accident and Emergency wards are dealing with a huge increase in patients.

Pat Scully, pictured below, had his wrist and thumb put in plaster at the Mater. He said: "I fell on ice near my home.

"I was just walking along, and the next thing I knew the two feet went from under me. I must have put my hand out to protect myself."

Pat Doyle from Ballygall Crescent in Finglas was treated for a wrist injury.

"I fell when I was walking home in the evening. The paths are lethal out there," he told the Herald.

"I think the paths, as well as the roads should be treated. They are like ice-rinks."

If all else fails, have a whiskey

WHISKEY and takeaway sales have been sent soaring by the plummeting temperatures.

Many households, it seems, are resorting to relying on a good old-fashioned hot whiskey to keep warm.

And in a more modern solution to the Arctic conditions, takeaways and grocery deliveries have risen by a quarter.

Shoppers are opting to go online rather than jumping into their cars and risking the slippery road conditions.

Seamus Banim, from Tesco Ireland, said that the retailer's online delivery service had seen a 25pc increase in the number of orders in the past fortnight.