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No fresh face for Xpose as Karen goes on leave


Karen Koster

Karen Koster

Karen Koster

Mum-to-be Karen Koster previously said that she'll be returning to Xpose after six months' maternity leave. Now the Diary can reveal that TV3 won't be hiring a replacement for her while she's off.

Donegal native Michelle Doherty stood in for presenter Aisling O'Loughlin while she went on maternity leave.

However, a representative for TV3 revealed that while the show will have more people working on segments behind the scenes, there won't be a new face in front of the camera.


The Xpose anchor is expecting her first baby with husband John McGuire later this month and said she was glad to go on maternity leave as she had so much left to buy.

Now Karen (35) has another item to add to her long list.

"I need to get a Moses basket because my dog chewed the one that has been passed down to me by the McGuires, so I have to get something for the child to sleep in and nappies - I have loads to do," she said.


The blonde beauty also revealed that she and her friends enjoyed a lovely trip away recently.

"My girlfriends gave me a babymoon - we went away for a night to Wexford," she said.

"It was gorgeous and they gave me a few little gifts to send me on my way, so that was very special."

Karen also admitted that she won't be wearing any make-up when she leaves the hospital following giving birth.

"I do not even have my hospital bag packed. As for a birth plan, I'll be doing whatever the doctor says," said Karen. "I haven't even thought about a going-home outfit, so I'm going to have to get that as well."