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No family plans yet for top model Sarah

Top model Sarah Morrissey has revealed that she's enjoying married life but has no plans to start a family just yet.

The stunning blonde married her footballer beau Pat Jennings in an intimate ceremony in Buggiano, Italy this July.

But they're in no hurry to hear the pitter patter of tiny feet just yet.

"Obviously, I'd love a family and if I'm blessed I'd be really happy, but I am going to wait a while I think," she said.

"We literally just got married, we're only married three months now so I am going to give myself some time and then maybe.

"Marriage life is good - no different. It's the exact same as it was before.

"It's really nice. It's lovely being married - it feels like ages ago now."

But the gorgeous couple still haven't had a chance to go on honeymoon.

"We're hoping to go away somewhere in December when Pat's got some proper time off," she said.