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No end in sight for summer of bloodshed

FOUR weeks of gun attacks on the streets of Dublin have claimed four lives -- and left others battling for life in city hospitals.

The relative peace of spring in underworld circles ended violently last month with a double hit in Clondalkin, quickly followed by a succession of gun attacks.

But bullets do not discriminate between the totally innocent and those involved when fired in a drug-hyped frenzy.

Exactly a month ago today, on 28 June, two brothers were gunned down in Clondalkin.

This was followed by a gun murder in Finglas 11 days later, and four days after that by a murder on the north inner city.

The toll could yet rise as the summer of bloodshed takes hold.

On July 15 an uncle and nephew survived an assassination bid in Finglas.

And following that, in the early hours of Monday, July 26, three people were shot as a gunman opened fire indiscriminately at a pub in Fairview.

  • June 28: Brothers Paul (35) and Kenneth (32) Corbally from Ballyfermot were shot dead on Neilstown Road. They were convicted criminals, involved with drugs.

  • July 9: Collie Owens (34) associate of The Don, Eamonn Dunne, was shot dead on April 23 in Meakstown, Finglas.

  • July 13: Stephen Byrne (33) of Mariner's Port, Dublin, was shot dead as part of inner city feud. A known criminal, he was a suspect in Stephen Ledden's shooting in 2006.

  • July 15: Anthony 'The Mole' McDonagh (45) was shot five times in the side and chest and is still critical in hospital. He and his nephew, Kieran McDonagh (26), were targeted by a lone gunman as they made their way to work.

  • July 26: The city's latest gun attack took place at The Players Lounge pub, on the corner of Fairview Strand and Philipsburgh Avenue.


Doorman Wayne Barrett (31) was outside the front door and four or five customers were chatting nearby when the gunman ran across the road.

Wearing a balaclava and dark clothing, the gunman opened fired with two handguns before he reached the pub.

His target was apparently Mr Barrett, who was shot in the head and remains critically ill in hospital. But the gunman continued firing and two customers Austen 'Ossie' Purcell and Brian Masterson were also hit in the attack.