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No donations to Michaella fund in over two weeks

THE online fundraising appeal set up for jailed Irish model Michaella McCollum Connolly has not received any donations in more than two weeks.

Just over €3,400 has been raised on the youcaring.com webpage for the 20-year-old's legal costs after she admitted a charge of drug trafficking in Peru alongside her Scottish co-accused Melissa Reid (20).

The original €23,500 target of the fundraising efforts, set up by Michaella's sister Stephanie in mid-August, has since been lowered to €10,000 after just €600 was received in public donations in the first ten days after the appeal was launched.

Another page on the youcaring.com website for co-accused Melissa Reid has raised £15 in last two weeks, bringing the current total to £557. It has a goal of raising £1,000.


The pair were arrested on August 6 as they tried to leave Peru with 11kg of cocaine in their cases.

They have both pleaded guilty to the charges after initially saying they were forced to act as drug mules following their kidnapping by a Colombian gang in Ibiza. Earlier this month, they were moved from their private cell in the Virgen de Fatima prison to a much larger prison cell which they must share with up to 40 other inmates.

The head of the anti-drugs unit prosecuting the pair, Juan Mendoza Abarca, has hinted that the women could be free by Christmas if they help track down the drugs gang and testify against them.