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No charity cash used to give staff cars, says Rehab


 Angela Kerins, CEO of Rehab, leaves her home this morning. Photo: Damien Eagers

Angela Kerins, CEO of Rehab, leaves her home this morning. Photo: Damien Eagers

Angela Kerins, CEO of Rehab, leaves her home this morning. Photo: Damien Eagers

Rehab is rejecting reports that the charity leased cars for staff using State cash meant for its struggling lottery.

It is claimed that the under-fire charity, headed by Angela Kerins, leased cars for staff using State money that was meant to help its struggling charity lottery. The State funds were to be used for charitable activity only.

In fresh claims the Department of Justice accuses the charity of using some of the cash for advertising, stationery, professional fees and software licences.


Today, a spokesman for the charity said they "totally refuted all allegations".

According to reports, the State cash came from a deal with charities after the National Lottery was set up.

Charities got money to compensate for loss of income when the national scheme started.

The revelations came from court documents in which it said using the Charitable Lotteries Scheme money for these purposes was "in breach of the explicit condition that all such funds received must be used for charitable activities and cannot be used for administrative purposes."

Ms Kerins' charity is suing the State over the planned withdrawal of the scheme.

The Department of Justice has claimed that a 2012 audit it carried out of the disabilities charity revealed that some of the funds Rehab received under the Charitable Lotteries Scheme were used for the leasing of staff cars and other administrative costs.

Ms Kerins rejected aspects of the department's audit as "completely ill-founded".

Ms Kerins – who has refused to reveal her salary – denied that the Rehab Group misused funds under the scheme.

"There has been no expenditure for administrative purposes, as opposed to charitable purposes," said Ms Kerins in one of the several court documents.

The charity's board will meet next month to discuss revealing her salary.

Rehab has been under huge pressure over its use of funds since Justice Minister Alan Shatter revealed that its lottery scratch card game, which raised €4m from cards in 2010, made less than €10,000 in profit.


Ms Kerins said that Rehab's residential services for people with significant disabilities would not be possible if it were unable to transport severely disabled people with "appropriately adaptable cars".

A new low in relations between Rehab and the Government was reached as the charity's board said it would meet to decide whether to make public the salary paid to Ms Kerins, who is known to have earned €234,000 two years ago.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny and several of his Cabinet intensified the pressure on Ms Kerins to reveal her salary yesterday.