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'No' campaigners admit defeat...with a warning

Recriminations were continuing today following the failure of the No campaigners to get the nation to reject the Fiscal Treaty.

The final No vote was 39.7pc of the nationwide poll. Three of the five constituencies where a majority voted No were in Dublin.

The constituencies that voted No were Donegal North East, Donegal South West, Dublin North West, Dublin South Central and Dublin South West.

Sinn Fein's Mary Lou McDonald said the biggest No votes were in areas where families and communities were most affected by the austerity policies of the Government.

She acknowledged that the defeat was "a very clear result", but warned that the Government had committed itself to very big promises during the referendum campaign.

She said the Government promised jobs and new investment would flow into Ireland with a Yes result and her party remains intent on holding the Government to its promises.

Socialist Dublin TD Joe Higgins hit out at the Government and Fianna Fail for generating "a huge fear factor" among voters, which ended up "frightening people" into voting for the ratification of the Fiscal Treaty.

No campaigner Declan Ganley of Libertas said the Government must now deliver on all its growth and jobs promises.

He warned that Ireland has transferred fiscal sovereignty -- which the country will never get back -- to an entity that is above the law.