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No budget for city's elected Mayor

The directly elected Mayor of Dublin will not be given a separate budget to implement plans, according to proposals revealed today.

Unlike the Mayor of London who has a €13bn budget to run public transport, fire and police services and promote economic development, the new Dublin mayor will only be "consulted" on the expenditure plans of the four local authorities in the Dublin region.

The new mayor will be expected to devise policy on land use, including water services, housing, and waste management. But the mayor's powers regarding public transport have not yet been specified.

Draft legislation published today by Environment Minister John Gormley proposed that the managers of the four Dublin council regions will be legally bound to follow the plans laid down by the mayor. The Minister for the Environment will be able to intervene if the new mayor does not abide by national policy. The mayor will be required to follow Government or EU policy.

And he or she will be held to account by a revamped Dublin Regional Authority (DRA).

The date for the new mayor election is likely to be on the same day as the referendum on the rights of a child. Both may be held in about six months time with the by-elections in Dublin South and Donegal South West.

The role of the mayor is expected to develop over time and there will be a review of the position after two years.

The mayor will be on committees in the National Transport Authority (NTA) but it is unclear what the mayor's input will be in the day to day running of transport.

Around 30 people are expected to work in the new mayor's office, including a chief executive officer and five senior policy advisers. An administration budget of around €5m is expected to be provided.

The mayor will be chairperson of the 16-member regional authority. The authority will adopt plans proposed by the mayor and provide a direct link between the mayor and the four Dublin councils.

The regional authority will be expected to hold the mayor to account.