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No booze allowed at new Christmas market

Dublin's St Stephen's Green Christmas market, set to give a boost of €20m to traders, will be a booze-free affair.

"There will be no hard liquor just some mulled wine for a Christmas feel," Clyde Carroll of Dublin Town told the Herald.

"We want it to be for everyone, families and children too, not just adults," he added.

The inaugural Christmas market at St Stephen's Green will see the park turn into a mini winter wonderland.

The market will open on November 14 and will run until December 23.

Wooden chalets will line the gates of the green from the top of Grafton Street down as far as the Shelbourne Hotel.

Dublin Town, which represents thousands of businesses in the city and has just been renamed from Dublin City Business 
Improvement District, is overseeing the market.

Approximately 170 businesses and craftspeople have applied for chalets.

"They're custom-made to fit and are very Bavarian to give a real Christmas feel," explained Mr Carroll.

Giving a hint of what will be expected at the market he said that there will be a mix of established businesses as well as independent craftspeople.


The successful applicants will be informed in September if they have got a slot along the green.

"We're in the process of picking them and we want to separate them out so there's lots of variety," stated Mr Carroll.

Fairy lights will light the trees on the footpaths along St Stephen's Green to create an "experience", he added.

And it is expected that the festive initiative will attract 600,000 people.

"Failte Ireland will promote the event abroad with all their offices and tour operators," said Mr Carroll.

Around seven million tourists visited Dublin last year and it is hoped that this market will be a big draw.

"Approximately 30pc of tourists that come to Ireland every year visit between September and December," a spokeswoman from Failte Ireland said.

It is proves a success, it is hoped that the Christmas market - which is subject to planning permission - could become a permanent fixture on the capital's festive calendar.