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No body found after dig at slain ex-garda's home

A major dig for the remains of a missing Dublin man who gardai believed was murdered has concluded without finding a body.

The excavation of a garden owned by a murdered former garda failed to show any trace of missing Tallaght man Gerard Daly.

Gardai investigating the suspected murder of Daly began the dig in Co Cavan yesterday but officers called off the operation shortly after midday. More than a dozen specialised gardai were involved in the dig.

A senior source said: "Gardai are satisified that Mr Daly was not buried at this location. His family have been informed of this and the search goes on."

The property in Cornaveagh, near Bailieboro, Co Cavan, is the same location where corrupt former garda John Kerins was shot dead last November.

"This was very painstaking work – the digger had to go through some very thick concrete inch by inch. In some places the concrete is 18 inches thick and it is a fairly large area.

"Once one inch of concrete has been removed, specialist scene-of-crimes officers search for any trace of Mr Daly.

Then, when one area has been cleared, the digger goes back in action and the process starts again.

"John Kerins had filled his back yard with this concrete less than two months after Mr Daly went missing and several different sources had informed the investigation team that Mr Daly is buried here."

The searches began yesterday shortly after two brothers were arrested in dawn raids by detectives investigating Mr Kerins's murder. The duo, who have "loose" INLA connections, are believed to have been "centrally involved" in the former detective's gun murder.

"These brothers knew Mr Kerins and Mr Daly well – their arrests are very significant. However, they were not key members of the gang," said a senior source.

Gardai are working on the theory that Daly and Kerins were murdered by the same gang.

It is believed Daly was killed over a cash dispute in June, 2011, and that Kerins was shot dead 17 months later over fears that he might talk to detectives over Daly's death.