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No bail for girl in bottle case

A girl described as "out of control", who allegedly smashed a bottle over a man's head, has been refused bail at the Dublin Children's Court.

The 17-year-old, who is in care and has admitted to having a drug problem, has been charged with two counts of robbery, attempted robbery and assault causing harm.

She had been remanded in custody on Monday and appeared yesterday when a bail application was made.

However, Garda James King said he was objecting due to the seriousness of the offences and the teen's lack of a permanent address.

Moon shrinking say scientists

Cracks in the moon's surface suggest our nearest neighbour in space is shrinking.

Like a deflating balloon, the satellite is contracting as its interior cools, scientists believe.

The discovery was made after a probe captured images of unusual fault lines called "lobate scarps" in the lunar highlands.

Similar cracks were first seen in photos taken near the moon's equator by the Apollo astronauts.

Experts believe the cracks were created by rupturing of the brittle lunar crust as the moon shrank.

Gillard wins crocodile vote

A crocodile named Dirty Harry that picked the winner of the World Cup has predicted election victory for australian prime minister Julia Gillard.

The croc made his choice in his enclosure in Darwin when he snatched a chicken carcass dangling beneath a caricature of Ms Gillard. Opposition leader Tony Abbott's chicken was left hanging.

The crocodile used a similar technique to correctly predict that Spain would defeat the Netherlands in the World Cup last month.

Robbie drives the men wild

Chart star Robbie Williams is streets ahead -- after being named male motorists' secret pleasure.

Tracks by the singer, who is rejoining Take That, are the top choice for men to secretly sing when they are alone at the wheel.

Second choice as a guilty pleasure which they would not sing in company were the songs of Abba.