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Nintendo 3DS to launch next year

The Nintendo 3DS hand-held console, which allows players to view 3D images without the need for special glasses, will launch in Japan in February 2011 and will be sold at the suggested retail price of 25,000 yen (around €219).

No dates have been confirmed for the console's release in Europe or North America, although Nintendo said that the system will launch in Europe in March 2011.

No prices for either the European or American markets have been announced, and while the Japanese price may provide consumers with a clue of the device's cost, it's likely Nintendo will choose a different price for Western markets to make the 3DS more competitive.

Nintendo made the announcement at the Nintendo 2010 Conference in Japan, during which it also unveiled a number of new features for the 3DS console.

The Nintendo 3DS will be launched in two colours, Cosmos Black and Aqua Blue and will include a 2GB SD storage card, a recharging cradle and 6AR cards (for use for games with AR technologies.

The Nintendo 3DS comes equipped with two screens – one 3D screen and one touch-screen – a motion sensor, a gyro sensor, and analogue pad and a 3D depth slider so players can toggle between 3D and 2D screen settings. The device also has two cameras which allow its user to take 3D pictures.

The Nintendo 3DS was unveiled earlier this year at E3 in Los Angeles at Nintendo's keynote briefing, which also saw the developer announce a planned list of launch titles for the device, by both Nintendo and third party developers.

Nintendo included Kid Icarus: Uprising and Nintendogs + cats. Electronic Arts announced its first game for the device, My Garden, two weeks ago at the Tokyo Game Show.

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