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Nine sites picked for new sewage plant plans

NINE parcels of land have been identified as possible locations for a new multi-million euro regional sewage treatment plant for the Greater Dublin Area.

The new regional wastewater facility is needed to process sewage from the Fingal and north Dublin areas as the existing Ringsend plant is expected to reach capacity in 2020.

The nine potential locations for the new sewage plant are all in north Dublin and are located at Annsbrook, Baldurgan and Cookstown.


Also being considered are two sites near Dublin Airport -- at Cloghran and Clonshaugh. Consultants are also looking at land at Newtowncorduff (near Lusk), Rathartan (near Rush), Tyrrelstown Little (between Lusk and Rush) and at Saucerstown (3.3km north west of Swords).

Each of the nine potential land parcels is bigger than the 20 hectares that will be required for the proposed plant, which will cater for the wastewater of a population of 700,000.

Also included in the project are a number of pipeline corridors and outfall locations in north Dublin.

The new treatment plant is expected to cost up to €400m to build and could employ 400 people during the two-and-a-half year construction phase.

Project engineer Peter O'Reilly told a meeting of Fingal councillors that nine potential land parcels had been identified and each would be examined in greater detail during the next eight months.

More in-depth research and site surveys, as well as feedback from the general public, will now be conducted to rule out any unsuitable sites.

"We will now assess these nine land parcels as potential locations in which to site the regional wastewater treatment plant. We will also assess the routes for the orbital drainage system and the marine outfall pipe locations," said Mr O'Reilly.

"These potential locations and routes will be assessed against a range of criteria that include human issues, environmental impacts, technical and cost considerations."