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Nine out of 10 students never tested for STIs


Condoms (stock image)

Condoms (stock image)

Condoms (stock image)

Over 90pc of sexually-active third-level students in Ireland have not had a sexually transmitted infection (STI) test.

The shocking figure, revealed by Campus.ie, is despite almost a quarter admitting to having had more than five sexual partners each.

A total of 23.5pc of sexually-active students have had more than five sexual partners but the number of students who have had an STI test administered remains extremely low.


The report, which surveyed over 1,200 third-level students in the country, covered topics including college satisfaction, CAO choices and mental health issues.

On college life, almost 50pc of students said they have considered dropping out of third-level education or have dropped out.

The main reasons for the 8.24pc of students who did opt to drop out include mental health and financial problems.

Approximately 31.4pc of students rely on their parents for financial support.