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Nikki target of abuse over Gerry tribute

The Facebook page of former 2fm presenter Nikki Hayes (31) was the subject of abusive comments after she defended the late Gerry Ryan (53).

She paid tribute on her Facebook page to her station pal after watching his emotional documentary on TV3 earlier this week.

She described it as "so sad" and said that Gerry had left a "huge void in Irish broadcasting".

But she was taken aback by the reaction her comments provoked and was forced to close down her page temporarily and delete some of the more abusive comments which referred to Gerry's drug taking.

"I understand people feel strongly about these things but there's a time and a place for a discussion on drugs -- my page isn't the appropriate place," she explained.

"I was actually in bed after watching the documentary and a friend of mine rang me and said, 'you need to go on to your Facebook immediately'. So I went on and there were 124 comments all about the documentary. Some of them were really nasty about Gerry and went on to talk about his family.

"I would usually let people air their views but some of them were just so abusive, I wouldn't have wanted his family to have seen them so I deleted them."