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Nightmare for Irish workers in evacuation

AN Irishman has told how he is preparing to evacuate his apartment in the flood risk zone of Brisbane.

Brian Harty, who is living in Bulimba, Brisbane, was evacuated from work yesterday so he could get home to organise his belongings.

"I've moved my possessions upstairs. If it does reach the ground floor I'm going to evacuate the house in advance, I'll have batteries and torches for when they're cutting the electricity," said Brian, who is originally from Naas, Co Kildare.

Brian, who is working as an accountant with Digicell, says that luckily his part of Brisbane has had a huge amount of notice since the floodwaters started wreaking havoc through Queensland.

"These floods have come down from North Brisbane so there's been a huge amount of advance notice. Most people have taken precautions."


Officials have estimated that between 6,500 and 9,000 homes and businesses will flood. Streets are largely empty and families have moved to refuge centres in some areas.

Brian said: "It's getting a lot of publicity so I rang my parents in advance. I thought it was inevitable that someone would text them to ask if I was okay."

A young Irish woman who was holidaying in flood-stricken Queensland was forced to abandon her car to escape the treacherous waters and fly to Brisbane.

Louise McCarthy (25), from Glasnevin, has been living in Australia for two and a half years. She and a group of friends were forced to abandon their New Year road trip from the northern town of Cairns to Brisbane.