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Nightie clue shows lover was strangled, jury told

A murder trial jury has been shown the alleged victim's blood-stained nightdress, with which gardai believe she was strangled in what was made to look like a suicide.

THE garment was being exhibited at the Central Criminal Court in the trial of a 42-year-old Dublin man charged with murdering his 30-year-old neighbour in Laois on April 16, 2011.

Jason Daly of PJ Delaney Flats, Main Street, Mountrath, but originally from Sandyford, has pleaded not guilty to murdering mother-of-one Diane Burroughs at her flat in the same building.

Gardai found the Athy native in her bed, strangled and with neck wounds.

In the witness box yesterday, forensic scientist John Hoade held up a heavily stained, light-blue, polka-dot nightdress, which had been found under Ms Burroughs' bed.

He said that if the nightdress was used to strangle Ms Burroughs, her blood being on it would suggest she was bleeding before strangulation.

Mr Daly told gardai that he cut Ms Burroughs' neck before strangling her.

Detective Garda Leo Clayton was giving evidence of the interview he conducted with the accused two days after the killing. He said that Mr Daly agreed that he tried to make Ms Burroughs' death look like a suicide by putting the broken glass he used to cut her into her hand 'after she passed away'.

He had already told gardai that he and Ms Burroughs had an 'on/off' relationship, but that they were together at the time of her death.

The prosecution has now closed its case. Mr Justice Barry White has told the nine men and three women of the jury that they will probably retire today to consider their verdict.