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Nicky won't give up 2FM day job as he works on album


Nicky Byrne

Nicky Byrne

Nicky Byrne

FORMER Westlifer Nicky Byrne has been ruling radio with his 2fm show but the Diary can reveal that he will soon be back singing on the airwaves as he has a solo album in the pipeline.

"I've nine tracks written and recorded," the star revealed.

It is early days and he is not looking for a deal until the album is completed.

"It's amazing when you get into the studio yourself, the buzz you get. It's cheeky pop that I'm doing," he said.

The Dubliner also admitted that it is a different experience singing solo after being in a band but said he's looking forward to it.

"I haven't had to do it yet. I've spoken to Shane about it and it is weird, obviously," he said.

"But I think when you've written all the songs yourself - and maybe this is different to Westlife, because every song was pretty much written for you.

"And of course Shane and Mark did most of the leads so it was different again.

"But I think when you've written all the songs - even singing the ones I've written in the car to myself - immediately you put yourself in that position where you wrote it and what it was about, what you mean, which we didn't have in Westlife.

"So it will faze me a little bit, but I'm looking forward to it," he added.


He will have to take time off from his on-air duties to promote the album when he does release his solo record, but he said that he will never give up his radio job because he loves it too much.

Nicky is grateful that Dan Healy took a punt on him in his early days as the 2fm boss.

"It could have went wrong for both of us . . . but it ended up kind of the opposite," he joked.