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Niall tells of flight terror . . . but Roz stayed cool

SINGER Niall Breslin might have feared for his life while landing during stormy weather – but his other half was calm and collected throughout.

The Voice star went online to talk about his 'near death' experience on board his flight back from Lanzarote to Cork.

"When we were coming into land and we saw all the fire brigades and ambulances on the runway ahead, I thought 'right, that's it, I'm going to die in Cork,'" Niall said.

But Rozanna Purcell (23) said that she remained calm during the tricky landing which was diverted to Shannon.


"At first I was worried because I saw them call the air hostess and I was thinking 'Why are they calling her?' but it was actually fine.

"I'm a good flyer. It only took 15 minutes to get to Shannon.

"A few people from Limerick clapped when we landed because they were getting a lift home," she laughed.

"It hasn't put me off flying at all. I've been through way, way worse.

"I went in a plane from Panama to Puerto Rico during a hurricane once and one of the air hostesses was crying," she added.

"I looked at her and she said 'Why are you looking at me?' Ever since then I've never been afraid of flying."