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Newstalk star red-faced at live swearing

RADIO presenter Chris Donoghue came in for an almighty slagging after he uttered an expletive live on air.

The Newstalk Breakfast frontman was teased about the offensive swear word by co-host Ivan Yates and others online.

The early morning show team were discussing the day's headlines and came upon a story about "secret Government cuts".


But Donoghue accidentally said the word "c**t" in an embarrassing gaffe.

"The Government this morning stands accused of secret and cruel c**ts," he said to co-host Yates, before he quickly corrected himself to what he meant to say, "grant cuts".

The Newstalk 106-108 presenter remained calm after the error and continued to chat with his co-host.

Last night, he laughed off the incident, telling the Herald: "It was an honest mistake. I have gotten an awful slagging about it. When you work on live radio there is always a chance that something goes wrong.

"But at least people seem to understand that I didn't say it in anger or anything like that. I just mashed two words together and came up with the worst thing you can say on radio."

Donoghue, who presents the breakfast show every weekday morning from 7am until 10am, later took to social media to describe it as a "hairy morning", and said it was a word "that should get me fired".

A spokesperson for the station yesterday said that bosses were not upset by Donoghue's error.


"It was obviously an error," he said. "It was purely, as he said himself, a mash-up of two words."

His co-host Yates also came to his defence, and said "it could have happened to anyone".

But Yates admitted to slagging him about it afterwards.

"I did notice it when we were on air but, I just ignored it," he said.

"I will probably say something worse tomorrow."