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Newlyweds gamble on a festival honeymoon

FORSAKING an exotic holiday in the lap of luxury to spend your honeymoon on a windy racecourse with a racing mad husband – now that's love.

While most people book into swanky hotels or jet off to the sun to celebrate their marriage, newlyweds Laura Stevens and Tony Caulfield decided to go for something a little different – a trip to Cheltenham.

The Galway couple, who got hitched last Friday, kick-started their two-week holiday with a trip to the famous Cotswolds course.

Laura (28) said her friends thought she was crazy to agree to spend her honeymoon at the male-dominated racecouse, but she is enjoying dressing up and drinking wine with her new husband.


The couple will depart England for some romance in Rome tomorrow and will finish off the adventurous honeymoon with some more gambling in the casinos of Monaco.

"Tony has always wanted to come, but I always joked that he couldn't go without me," Laura told the Herald.

"With the honeymoon we wanted to do something different that neither of us have ever experienced before.

"I get loads of strange looks though. When Tony told people we were starting our honeymoon in Cheltenham they were wondering why. But I get to dress up for a day out so I am having a great time so far," added Laura