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Newborn monkey makes his debut in the sun

MONKEY business at Dublin Zoo has been upped a level with the arrival of a rare baby macaque.

The baby was born four weeks ago, but he waited for the sunshine to make his first public appearance.

The tiny white-faced saki was only 150g when he was born and is now only just big enough to be seen by visitors.

Cradled by his protective mother, the unnamed male is one of the first new deliveries expected over the summer.

Team leader Eddie O'Brien said it would be another four months before the young saki leaves his mother's side and ventures out in to the South American House enclosure.

"At the moment he is feeding from his mother; in about four weeks he will start to eat solids, mainly fruit and vegetables.

"For the next four months, his mother will carry the little guy close to her chest.

"In time, he will become stronger, gain more independence and start exploring the habitat on his own."

While not endangered in the wild, white-faced sakis are a rare primate found in the tropical forests.