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'Newbies' Una and Rachel jet in as VBFs for blind auditions


una and rachel

una and rachel

una and rachel

Una Foden predicted that she and Rachel Stevens would become pals on the new series of The Voice of Ireland - and it looks as though she was right.

Describing them both as "the two newbies" on the RTE show this week, Una and Rachel were pictured landing into Dublin Airport together looking like they were bosom buddies, despite having only just met.

Far from it being handbags at dawn between the two beauties, who'll be competing to find the best singers on the popular RTE show, the pair looked cosy as they jetted into Ireland as they tweeted a selfie with the message: "On our way over to find The Voice of Ireland."

The two UK-based singers will slip into the famous red chairs at the Helix this week as they start the first round of blind auditions, along with Niall Breslin and Kian Egan.

Una said this week how she had mutual friends with the gorgeous mum-of-two, given that her bandmates Rochelle Humes and Frankie Sandford were in a band with Rachel many years ago.

Known as S Club Juniors, they were the predecessors to the chart-topping S Club 7. "I have loads in common with her already," said Una.

Betraying barely a trace of a pregnancy bump, Una opted for comfort over high glam as she arrived into Dublin, wearing a pair of black leggings teamed with a dark green leather jacket and skull-covered scarf.

The mum to Aoife Belle (2) is expecting a baby boy with Ben Foden in the new year and has said she'll be able to work the pregnancy around her filming schedule.


Rachel was also dressed for the low-key occasion, wearing black trousers, grey brogues and a long white sleeveless coat over a black top. However, both ladies are renowned for their on-trend style choices and are expected to inject some serious fashion kudos into the show.

The decision to bring in the two new faces was widely met with a positive reaction from fans of the music show, which has hit with all the right notes with viewers over the years.

Stevens has said how she's a "big fan" of The Voice and how she couldn't wait to join.

"I'm sure it will be great fun, but most of all I'm looking forward to listening to the great vocal talent that Ireland has to offer each week and to securing a team of people who have excited me enough to make me push that button for them," she said.