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New visas aim to help Irish set up business in Australia

A NEW visa programme will help self-employed Irish business owners set up in Australia.

People who applied for business visas had been required to show business accounts demonstrating revenue of approximately €340,000 for two of the past four years.

And they must show evidence of funds of about €540,000.

This new visa programme, offered by registered migration agent VisaFirst.com, will allow smaller business owners access to visas, similar to current employer 'sponsored visas'.

People who haven't been able to go down the more common skilled visa route or don't fit the traditional business visa model will be able to 'self-sponsor' themselves.


Edwina Shanahan, manager at VisaFirst.com, said: "There were 10,000 '457' sponsorship visas granted to Irish workers last year alone – we would estimate that 5pc of these were to Irish business start-ups."

"What's great about these start-ups is that most, if not all, are keen to hire Irish workers over there and give them sponsorship opportunities."

VisaFirst.com say that the self-sponsorship stream under the 457 visa has been an option for many years, but it can be a complicated process.

Ms Shanahan said people applying for this visa would still have to show that they have funds and would still have to submit a business plan, but it is less restrictive.


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