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New U2 phone app highlights 145 city hotspots


The U2’s Dublin app

The U2’s Dublin app

The U2’s Dublin app


Dubliners and visitors to the city can take a guided tour of the sites central to one of its most beloved bands, U2, using only their phones.

Musician Dan O'Connor and his brother Sean, both huge fans of the group, are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the punk-inspired debut album Boy by releasing an app, 'U2's Dublin', that follows the band through places in the capital from their history.

Boy was released on October 20, 1980 and U2 would go on to become one of the most successful bands of all time. Mr O'Connor said: "It was a labour of love really. It took more than a year to complete. I did the research and text and Sean built it."


While the app is unofficial, DJ Dave Fanning, the first to play U2, was among those he contacted for the research. It features more than 145 locations in and around Dublin connected with U2.

Among the locations highlighted and explained are Bonavox hearing specialists, on North Earl Street.

Bono was named after the shop "either by Gavin Friday or Guggi", according to Mr O'Connor.

"They originally christened him 'Bonavox of O'Connell Street'.

"That was then shortened to 'Bonavox', then 'Bono Vox' and finally 'Bono'. "The Edge says Bono was also known as 'Bon Smelly Arse' for a while."

Other sites include the Harcourt Hotel, formerly Keystone Studio, where U2 recorded their first demo and Killiney Hill, where Bono wrote the lyrics for Kite after his unsuccessful attempt to fly a kite with his daughters.

Fans can see where Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam grew up and where they first played together.

Combining U2's history and local Dublin history, this app will take you through the places that shaped U2 and their music.

It is available free on Android and iOS.

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