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New teachers have pay slashed by 30pc

NEWLY qualified teachers are paid 30pc less than they would have received two years ago, new research has revealed.

Teachers fresh out of college are now spending up to eight years in temporary and part-time employment before any kind of secure employment, the main teaching union has claimed.

The Association of Secondary School Teachers (ASTI) is meeting in Cork today to discuss the extensive changes to the education budget which they say will ultimately impact on students.

The Annual Convention said that up to 1,000 second-level teaching posts have been lost due to the range of "swingeing cutbacks", according to the union.


It said that middle management jobs may not be filled, due to the employment ban introduced by the Government.

"The moratorium placed on the posts of responsibility in second-level schools is stripping schools of a whole layer of vital administrative and pastoral supports," the ASTI said.

Any teacher lucky enough to find work in 2012 will take home a third less than their colleagues in 2010.

The ASTI has done the maths. Budget 2011 slashed new teachers' pay by 10pc and together with a change in the salary scale starting point, this resulted in an overall reduction in pay of 15pc for teachers appointed after January this year.

Then, Budget 2012 imposed a cap on the qualification allowance payable to those who entered the teaching profession after December 5 last year.

And on February 1 it was announced that all allowances above the basic salary scale were suspended for new beneficiaries.

In addition, the union said that Irish teachers have little confidence that the necessary resources will be provided to successfully implement the Junior Cert reform proposals.

"Ireland has consistently lagged behind other OECD and EU countries in terms of investment in education," they said.

"In addition to this longstanding reality, second-level schools have experienced a series of devastating cuts to resources since 2009.

"Schools are now bracing themselves for further cuts announced as part of Budget 2012 which will be implemented in September."

Today, the Conference heard motions from the Dublin South County, Galway and Fermoy branches in relation to class size and the increase in the pupil teacher ratio, as well as the alleviation of the moratorium on Posts of Responsibility.

They want the ASTI to "vigorously defend" its policy on class size and oppose any move to increase the pupil teacher ratio.