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New storm as Zuma fathers 20th child

SOUTH African President Jacob Zuma is at the centre of a new storm over his sexual adventures after claims he has fathered his 20th child -- this time with the daughter of one of the organisers of this year's World Cup finals and a long-time family friend.

Sonono Khoza (39), daughter of Irvin Khoza, chairman of the country's 2010 World Cup Organising Committee, gave birth to a baby girl in October -- three months before polygamist Mr Zuma married wife number three in a traditional Zulu ceremony, South Africa's Sunday Times reported.

The new baby, a girl, has been registered in the name of Thandekile Matina Zuma, the newspaper said. She is the 20th to be acknowledged by the 67-year-old president, who is set to marry again later this year.

A leading cleric dismissed Mr Zuma's marriage to Thobeka Madiba last month as "a giant step back into the dark ages".


Mr Zuma, whose sexual antics have appalled many liberal South Africans and anti-AIDS activists, defended polygamy before a panel at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Mr Zuma, who at present has three wives, has been married five times. He dismissed claims that polygamy is unfair to women and said that those who thought that their culture was superior to other cultures had a problem.

He said he believed in the equality of women, and that he treated his three wives equally.

"It depends what culture you come from. People interpret cultures in different ways. Some think that their culture is superior to others -- that's a problem we have in the world," he told a panel discussion at Davos.

In 2006, three years before taking office, Mr Zuma was acquitted of rape but not before it emerged that he knowingly had sex without using a condom with the HIV-infected daughter of a close family friend.