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New sniffer dog Ralph's huge €1.5m heroin haul


THE Revenue Commissioner's new Rosslare-based sniffer dog Ralph is proving a scourge for drug smugglers after the spaniel helped locate a €1.5m heroin shipment.

A 62-year-old Dutch national was arrested at Rosslare yesterday after Ralph (below) triggered an alert over a Mercedes jeep that had just arrived in the Wexford port on a ferry from France.


The Revenue's Customs & Excise team carried out a full search of the Mercedes 4x4 and found 10.26kg of suspected heroin.

Depending on the purity of the drug, it is expected to have a street value of around €1.5m.

It is Ralph's second major seizure in a matter of weeks, after €320,000 worth of cannabis resin being found in a car driven by a Ukrainian national in June.