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New school of thought on how to wrap brands into cultural mythology

The brand is more important than ever but marketers need to know how to target the way consumers feel about a brand and what it means to them personally.

Marketers should take ideas and old stories from mythology and use them to create new ways of understanding brands and how consumers relate to them, branding consultant Alexander Dunlop said.

Dunlop is working with multi-cultural student groups at Griffith College to help Unilever and Nokia explore how their brands may be better marketed. Organised in cultural pairs, the students provide insights on the myths and stories of different cultures.


Based on this new system in presenting products, Griffith College's Graduate Business School hired Dunlop to develop a MSc in global brand management. The programme adopts a hands-on approach to learning, much like how medical students operate in college. The MSc students don't just learn about global branding, they practice global branding.

Students get lectures and tutorials followed by workshops where they handle 'patients' - challenges posed by global brand companies. They are guided by 'consultants', who are senior global brand executives. The consultants present real problems and offer some thoughts on them. The MSc students are like 'junior doctors' working under the consultants' guidance to solve various marketing challenges.

Commenting on the programme, one student said the MSc was a lot of work, but it was worth it to be able to tackle real problems head-on with a global marketer. He said the experience could come in useful at future job interviews.