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New Rowling book unveiled

JK ROWLING'S first book for adults will be a "blackly comic" tale about an idyllic town ripped apart by a parish council election.

Details of her novel, The Casual Vacancy -- out later this year -- were released today by her publisher.

The 480-page book will be set in Pagford, a dreamy spot with a cobbled market square and ancient abbey which becomes a town at war with itself.

Rowling (46) has amassed a fortune estimated to be more than £620m from her seven Harry Potter books for children, plus all the spin-off rights.

Son of Gable is hit by tragedy

Authorities in the US are investigating the death of the girlfriend of actor Clark Gable's son after she was found dead in the Malibu, California, home the couple shared.

The Los Angeles County Coroner's office said no foul play was suspected in the death of Christiane Candice Lange (41).

Nintendo guide

to the Louvre

The Louvre Museum is pressing on towards modernity and going visual with new electronic guides in a deal with Japan's Nintendo.

The guide provides 3DS game consoles that offer touch-screen, visual-and-audio guidance for visitors who teem the famed Paris museum's labyrinthine halls by the millions each year.

The consoles offer 700 recordings on works such as the Venus de Milo, Winged Victory of Samothrace and the Mona Lisa.

Leader of Oz

Greens quits

The leader of the third force in Australian politics, Greens senator Bob Brown, has resigned.

Mr Brown (67) said he had resigned as leader and would resign from the Senate in June after 16 years to "make room for renewal" in the party.

The left-wing Greens have enabled prime minister Julia Gillard's centre-left Labour Party to form a minority government since 2012.

The Greens' new leader Christine Milne said the party's agreement to support the government remained unchanged.