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New record label 'drops' Morrissey

Chart star Morrissey claims he has been dropped by his record label less than a month after releasing his first new album for five years, which charted highly around the world.

It comes just days after the former Smiths frontman (inset)criticised his latest label Harvest, as he also talked about a TV snub for his release World Peace Is None Of Your Business.

The singer has often found himself falling out with record companies, chronicling some of his dissatisfactions with the music business in his memoir, Autobiography, published last year.

A statement posted on the website used by Morrissey said: "Three weeks after the release of Morrissey's World Peace Is None Of Your Business (#2 UK, #14 US), Capitol Records/Harvest have ended their relationship with Morrissey, as directed by label boss Steve Barnett.

"Morrissey is once again in search of a record label," it added.

The star had been without a label for a number of years. Harvest is part of the same Universal Music group with whom his previous album Years Of Refusal had been released in 2009, and he was less than complimentary about the company in his book.

Last week, the 55-year-old thanked fans for posting home-made videos to accompany the title track of his album and he made it clear he felt his record label should have provided a promo of their own.