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New pool may be built beside N11


 Glenalbyn Swimming Pool

Glenalbyn Swimming Pool

Glenalbyn Swimming Pool

A SOUTHSIDE swimming pool may never be refurbished as a report prepared by Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council has recommended building a pool on a nearby site.

Glenalbyn's community pool was closed down in 2013 following safety concerns about its roof. Last year funds of €10m were ring-fenced to provide leisure facilities in the Stillorgan area.

Four options will be debated by councillors at a meeting on October 12. Two of the projects will use all of the funding available. One is to build a new pool at the Glenalbyn site and another is to build the pool in a nearby council-owned site adjacent to the N11.


The other two options include spending €5m to refurbish the existing pool at Glenalbyn.

A 'do-nothing' option was also explored which would see the council spend €250,000 developing other leisure facilities at the Glenalbyn site.

The options were scored on a number of criteria including value for money, sustainability and the ways in which they serve the community.

Option three, building alongside the N11, is considered the most likely to attract higher numbers due to its proximity to Stillorgan Shopping Centre.

The report also notes that the development of the pool there could allow for a Community Campus to be developed in the future which would serve the demographic of the area.

A previous report raised concerns about whether the area's population was young enough to sustain a community pool.

Under the third option the report notes that the community could also stand to benefit from an extra community facility if the pool is built at the N11 site and another facility, such as playing pitches, are developed at the site of the pool. Developing the pool at the N11 site scored 92pc out of 100pc under the weighted criteria.

"The lack of progress on Glenalbyn has been deeply frustrating to the local people in Stillorgan," Fine Gael councillor Barry Saul said.

"This final report brings three options forward for the people of Stilorgan to have their say and to voice their opinion on the future of Glenalbyn."