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New phone can recognise its owner and see their eyes

SAMSUNG has unveiled its latest mobile phone which includes a feature allowing it to recognise its owner.

The Galaxy S3, unveiled at an international launch held at London's Earls Court arena, also has eye tracking so that the screen stays on while a user is looking at it.

The Korean manufacturer has claimed the phone is the most "intuitive" on the market.

It switches on when the owner looks at it, using its camera to work out when a person's eyes are open.

If the owner receives a text message, he or she can call the sender by lifting the phone to their ear.

The Galaxy S3 is successor to the Galaxy S II. Some 20 million S II devices have been sold since it was introduced in April 2011. The S3 also features a 4.8ins display, one of the largest on the market.

The S3 will offer 50GB of online storage. Samsung said the phone was "inspired by nature, developed for humans". Reaction to the new device has been positive, from both analysts and commentators.