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New millionaire Little treats family to Disney holiday

NEWSMAN Mark Little is treating his children to a trip to Disney World after selling his news agency for €18m.

He sold his company, Storyful, to Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation just before Christmas and pocketed €5m for himself in the deal, but the former RTE broadcaster is not going mad with his money.

"What I'd really like now is sleep. But what I bought was three days in the Magic Kingdom in Orlando with my kids," he said in an interview.

"What I set out to do was to get freedom, to never have to make a decision based on income. To say to my family now that we have freedom, that's the greatest joy."


The former Washington correspondent left RTE in 2009 for what was meant to be a one-year leave of absence, but as he walked out the doors of Montrose he knew he would never be back.

"The day I walked out of RTE, I was gone," he said. "I had made my decision and I wasn't going back."

He has no regrets about leaving his permanent job with the state broadcaster.

"I was happy and loved working with Miriam (O'Callaghan) on Prime Time," he said.

The father of three said he is delighted to secure the future of Storyful's employees with the pre-Christmas Murdoch deal.