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New Mayor vows to support pools at risk of closure

DUBLIN'S new Lord Mayor has pledged his support for three public swimming pools in the city at risk of closure.

Cllr Gerry Breen (FG) declared his support for initiatives to save the swimming pools, which are located in Coolock, Crumlin and Sean McDermott Street.

The issue has been championed by a number of elected members of Dublin City Council, including Cllr Breen's rival for the position, Cllr Christy Burke (Ind) who had promised not to accept the €70,000 allowance that comes with the mayor's office.

Cllr Burke said he would have instead used the money to help fund the three popular swimming pools which are on the verge of closure.

Since his election last Monday, Cllr Breen has told the Herald that he is equally determined to save the pools.

"I would absolutely support any initiative to save them and the Fine Gael group I know have been having discussions trying to see what we can do about finding money to hold the swimming pools open," he said. Cllr Burke was praised for his devotion to saving resources in his area by his supporters before the vote.

The issue has been highlighted in recent months as residents in the three communities affected have galvanised support and organised protests at the proposed closures.


Dublin City Council has previously said it has no more funding to keep the pools open, and they are due to close next month.

Speaking to the Herald, Cllr Breen said he had been working on some projects for his term as Lord Mayor for some time.

"I've been researching the Lord Mayoralty for three months, I was chosen at the end of March and I took a week off after Easter and spent the last four weeks working full time on it.

"You come with ideas and then you keep churning those ideas," he said.

Such ideas include opening the Mansion House to the public every Wednesday from 8am to 10pm, allowing Dublin citizens to come and talk to him about their ideas.

An internship project could also be on the cards.

"My intention is to set up an intern project outside City Hall that will benefit industry and the unemployed.

"It's really a question of getting out there and selling the idea to employers and also anyone who's unemployed.

"Interns could be anything -- commercial, logistics, and so on," he said.