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New Mayor to live part-time at the Mansion House

DUBLIN'S new Lord Mayor is taking up residence in the Mansion House – but only until September.

Labour councillor Oisin Quinn, his wife Elva Mulchrone and their three young children, Eoghan, Alannah and Hugh are due to move in within days.

But because their children are going to school, the family will return to their home in Rathmines once the new term starts in September.


"We probably won't, in fact, (live in the Mansion House) with the kids being at school. I think when September comes, we may stay here occasionally, but we'll live at home I think," Mayor Quinn told the Herald.

"Our kids are 13, 10 and seven so, with school and activities, it will make more sense with us to be prim-arily at home.

"But maybe in the run-up to Christmas or a little bit of time over the summer it will be a great opportunity to be able to stay here."

Also joining them in the Mansion House will be the family dog Maxi.

"He'll certainly get walked a bit in St Stephen's Green," the mayor added.

The hectic nature of the office means Mr Quinn, a barrister, will have to take time off from his day job.

"My (Labour) group selected me as a candidate for Lord Mayor back in April, so I've had a couple of months to at least make some preparations.

"I've been at the Bar for 21 years and this is kind of a one-off opportunity and it's only one year," he added.

"Given the opportunity, it made sense to seize it and work my way back into my legal practice afterwards."