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New library will attract yobs and traffic, say critics

PLANS to build a library in west Dublin have been slated by critics who claim it will attract anti-social behaviour.

South Dublin County Council gave the green light to the project in Rowlagh, Clondalkin, after months of lobbying from local councillors.

Supporters of the plan have said it will provide a badly-needed service to children and elderly people.

But a group calling itself the North Clondalkin Library Location Action Group has attacked the proposed site.

In an email seen by the Herald, the group said the library would lead to a surge in anti-social behaviour.


The body, led by local election candidate Francis Timmons, also claimed the project would create more traffic in the area.

"We feel locating the library on the green could exacerbate anti-social behaviour in the area," Mr Timmons said.

"A building such as a library should be protected and bordered on three sides with the front of the building accessible to the public.

"Residents are particularly concerned about the increase in traffic levels and on-street parking within the bordering estates, which will be dangerous to children and obstruct access to emergency services and local authority vehicles."

The action group insisted it was "100pc committed" to the proposal for a library in Clondalkin, and added that it was only opposed to the location chosen for the plan.

But the claim that the project would exacerbate anti-social behaviour was slammed as "nonsense" by local Labour councillor Breeda Bonner, who is also a school principal and a staunch supporter of the proposed scheme.

"I have been a teacher and a principal in the area for more than 30 years and I have been campaigning for a library for as long as that, so I am delighted that the council has finally decided to build a new library for North Clondalkin," Mrs Bonner said.

"However, if the wider community does not come out and support it, it may not get built.

"The vast majority of people I have spoken to about it have said they are fully behind the library, and I know that all of the schools in the area are supportive of it.

"This will be a great asset to the North Clondalkin community and will help children in the area with schoolwork and study, which will help with the grades they get in school.

"The library will also be available to community groups and book clubs and will be able to provide classes and training in lots of different subjects."