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New fears over antibiotics use

NEW research has raised fears that overuse of antibiotics could render the drugs redundant and unable to tackle serious infections such as hospital bugs.

Currently around 25,000 patients die each year in the EU from infections caused by bacteria which have grown resistant to antimicrobial medicines, including antibiotics.

The study also found that one in 10 people admitted to keeping leftover antibiotics -- a habit which can exacerbate the developing resistance to the drug if individuals treat themselves at a later stage.

Clinton plans trip to Burma

US President Barack Obama confirmed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would travel to Burma as the US looks to seize what could be a historic opportunity for progress in the repressed country.

Mr Obama said after years of darkness, there have been "flickers of progress" in Burma in the past several weeks.

Mrs Clinton's trip next month is the first such visit by a secretary of state in more than 50 years.

Nursing home blaze kills three

THREE elderly people have been killed and 23 others injured in a blaze in a nursing home in Australia.

Police Superintendent Gary Merryweather said the death toll in the blaze in Sydney was less than 10, although the exact number was not known.

Ambulance spokesman John Wilson said 23 patients were taken to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation and burns.

He said more than 60 people were evacuated.

Cartoon orange to annoy on TV

Cartoon Network has announced that it is bringing The Annoying Orange, an internet hit, to its 2012 lineup as a half-hour series.

The Annoying Orange, in which a mouthy orange pesters an apple and other objects with puns and jokes, has drawn more than 850 million views on YouTube, according to Cartoon Network.

The TV series will follow Orange and his cartoon buddies as they travel through time in a magical fruit car.