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New faces look set to shake up style stakes in Leinster House

IT is a question that plagues everyone when they start a job -- what should I wear on my first day?

But when you are a newly elected TD in Leinster House, you face more than the usual scrutiny of your ensemble.

While the Dail's male members tend to sport the unofficial uniform of a dark grey suit and its female members are single-handedly keeping bright colours and shoulder pads in fashion, the numerous new faces stepping into the Dail today are expected to shake things up in the style stakes.

Former property developer Mick Wallace has been hailed a 'hero' for his unique fashion sense, but his refusal to wear a suit is set to raise a few eyebrows in Leinster House.

The newly elected Independent Wexford TD, who earned several fans during his election campaign with his quirky trademark pink jersey and his long blonde hair, has revealed that he doesn't even own a suit.

And Independent TD Luke 'Ming' Flanagan -- the only deputy with a goatee -- also insisted he won't change his own dress code of black jeans, black shoes, black jacket and a black iPhone.

"I'm sure there's some way around it," he said.

Wallace blasted the Dail dress code as "archaic", although he did promise he would "have a shower" before taking his first steps into chamber.

However, there is no official dress code in Leinster House and style choices are at the discretion of its members, according to a memorandum.

"Members should dress in a manner that reflects the dignity of the House," it says.

Wallace isn't the only politician shaking things up with their fashion choices -- People Before Profit's Joan Collins will be the only TD with visible piercings, and is determined to keep in her nose stud and countless earrings.

And People Before profit Dun Laoghaire TD Richard Boyd Barrett has also admitted he does not own a suit.