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New bride in desperate hunt for wedding witness

A Scottish newlywed is appealing for a mystery Dublin woman named Amanda to come forward and end her wedding photo nightmare.

JANET Armstrong has happy memories of her wedding day in New York last December, but only a has couple of photos to mark the occasion.

The Edinburgh woman and her boyfriend, Gary, had travelled to the Big Apple for a pre-Christmas shopping trip.

"We went up the Empire State Building. When we reached the top, Gary took out a ring and proposed. I was shocked but accepted straight away," she said.

"He told me that he had been in touch with City Hall in New York and we could marry the same weekend."

When the big day arrived on December 19 they arrived at City Hall to learn they needed a witness.

They were searching for someone suitable when they bumped into a young couple from Dublin named Amanda and Philip, who were registering to be married at the same venue.

"They were really nice. Amanda agreed to be a witness. In all the excitement, we forgot to get our camera out of the bag but Amanda agreed to take all the pictures on hers.

"I gave them my email address and they agreed to send me the photos when they got back. But the email never came" she said.

Janet describes Amanda as 5ft6in, with mousey blonde hair and slim.

"I'm sure it is all a big misunderstanding. She was such a lovely girl that I find it hard to believe she just wouldn't bother sending them to us," she said.