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New BMX track set for St Anne's


New BOMX track set for St Anne's Park

New BOMX track set for St Anne's Park

New BOMX track set for St Anne's Park

A permanent BMX track is set to be the latest addition to St Anne's Park in Raheny following the recent installation of a zip-line wire and the establishment of the busy Saturday farmers market.

The news comes after the newly-opened dog-park was ruled clean and safe after concerns were raised that pets were picking up infections from it.

Fianna Fail councillor Deirdre Heney yesterday placed a motion before the North Central Area Committee of Dublin City Council requesting that a permanent BMX track be installed in St Anne's - there is already a make-shift one in place, known by locals as Chuckies.

"I've called for a BMX track for the park in the past and I continue to call for it," Cllr Heney told the Herald.

The BMX track will serve the needs of young people who are, "not into football and soccer", the councillor added.

The popular northside park now includes a playground, the 'Rose Garden', as well as the dog-park, where dog-owners can leave their pets off the lead after 11am.

The dog-park was at the centre of claims that pets were contracting infections from the unclean wood chips.

However, following a report by the council into the matter, it has been declared safe.

"Any feedback concerning the dog-park in St Anne's has been very positive and its wooded nature has become a model for other dog-parks in the country," the council said.

"Regarding infections to animals, we have received no complaints to date."

St Anne's Park is surfaced with wood chips which degrade over time.

It is intended to refurbish the surface with wood chips sourced from tree prunings in St Anne's park itself, which is more "sustainable and cost effective", read the council report.