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New biographer will start BOD's book from scratch


 EXIT: Journalist Paul Kimmage at the Sunday Independent Sports Off The Page Event at Elverys, Dundrum

EXIT: Journalist Paul Kimmage at the Sunday Independent Sports Off The Page Event at Elverys, Dundrum

EXIT: Journalist Paul Kimmage at the Sunday Independent Sports Off The Page Event at Elverys, Dundrum

BRIAN O'Driscoll's new ghostwriter will begin the autobiography from scratch.

The editor of the Limerick Leader, Alan English, who has been drafted in at the last minute to complete the eagerly anticipated book has less than eight months to complete the tome.

It emerged yesterday that journalist Paul Kimmage and O'Driscoll have fallen out, two years after the project began.

The most anticipated sportsbook of 2014 is due to be published this autumn but English pledged that he won't write a "bland book".

English, who has completed three rugby books, was drafted in this week. And he said he won't use any of the material previously gathered by Paul Kimmage.

"I'm not intending to produce a bland book and I'm sure Brian O'Driscoll isn't either," English said this morning.


"I certainly will be doing my own interviews. I think Paul is quoted today as saying that he had written 20,000 words. I wouldn't even dream of asking him to see those. That was his work.

"I certainly wouldn't be looking to see it. From a writing sense, certainly I will be starting from scratch, yes," Mr English added.

He said the intention is to "absolutely" have the autobiography completed and ready for sale by autumn.

"There is no question in my mind had circumstances been different, Paul Kimmage would have written an absolutely outstanding book so I do feel quite a bit of pressure," he told Limerick's Live 95FM today.

Kimmage said last night that publishers Penguin accepted his resignation from the task.

"We've had our disagreements and that's where we are now," Kimmage said.

The revelation came just days before O'Driscoll (35) prepares for his final assault on the Six Nations campaign as Ireland take on Scotland at the Aviva on Sunday.

O'Driscoll described Kimmage's abrupt resignation as "unfortunate".

"I have enjoyed working with Paul over the last few years and it is unfortunate that we cannot complete this project together," the Leinster star said. "However, I look forward to working with Alan."


O'Driscoll is not making any further comment on the matter. Speaking last night at the Sunday Independent Sports Off The Page event at Elverys in Dundrum, Kimmage explained why he could no longer work with O'Driscoll.

"It's a big Sunday for Brian and it would have been a big Sunday for me as a newspaper writer," he said. "On Thursday I heard there was a possibility that he was talking to someone else. I called him up and I said 'Listen Brian if you're not doing interviews that's fine but if you are doing interviews, it would really help me if you gave it to the Sunday Independent because they have been extremely generous to me in allowing me the time I need to do this (write the book)'."

Kimmage said he told O'Driscoll: "'It would be a great help if you could do that for me and a great hindrance if it was to appear anywhere else'.

"I was basically saying 'don't talk to anyone else, please talk to me and you can talk to anyone after the Sunday Independent article'. Brian felt that was a concession he couldn't make. I felt he was being unreasonable and he felt I was being unreasonable and that's where we parted."