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New €3m 'masterplan' for Swords Castle unveiled


Swords Castle

Swords Castle

Paul Reid

Paul Reid


Swords Castle

Swords Castle and the surrounding area is to undergo a €3m revamp.

Fingal County Council has given the first glimpse of what a new cultural quarter in the town surrounding the landmark castle could look like.

The early designs are "a broad representation based on what the council would like to see happen", as no detailed plans have been drawn up yet, according to a spokeswoman.

The council told the Herald it is in the process of commissioning an architectural masterplan for Swords Castle and the surrounding area, with investment over three years.

Among the objectives is to develop more cultural events within and around the castle.

A new streetscape, library and arts building and a transformed Swords town park are envisaged by planners.

The council's CEO Paul Reid said that it will invest €1m from its revenue budget this year to begin the process of transforming the area around Swords Castle and this investment will continue for years.

"Overall the council wants to provide a civic and cultural place around Swords Castle for visitors, local residents, the business community and other stakeholders that recognises the historical and civic importance of Swords as our county town," he said.

"Swords, like other parts of Fingal, has faced challenges during the downturn and the commissioning of this masterplan recognises the need to direct the recovery that is beginning in a sustainable way," said Mr Reid.

He said that the plan will respect the long-term strategic objectives for the town as a whole.

But it will also allow the council to deliver a new social and cultural destination around Swords Castle with links back into the retail heart of the town.